Educating for the future

Through this program, since 2011 Providencia has reached more than 2,000 elementary and high school children from 30 schools in the surrounding community with support and training workshops that contribute to environmental education and awareness.

This program is developed through workshops for elementary and high school students, which consist of didactic talks accompanied by videos and examples that facilitate the learning of the topics.

Furthermore, 3,425 school kits have been delivered, 3,450 children have been trained in integral waste management, composting and vermiculture processes, as well as controlled sugar cane burning; the schools visited have received 54 ecological points.

Remodeling of Libraries

In alliance with the Bibliotec Foundation, Providencia has delivered two completely remodeled and equipped libraries in the municipality of El Cerrito. The first one in the educational institution of Santa Elena and the second one in the main building of the Jorge Isaacs educational institution.

This initiative seeks to promote spaces for learning and education that guarantee the well-being and comfort of users, providing the necessary resources to make a visit to the library a rewarding experience.

The delivery of the libraries to the community includes the improvement of the physical space, advice and support to the library team, and the provision of didactic and technological material and furniture.

Schools to the Park

This program was born in February 2019 and seeks to generate environmental awareness in students of educational institutions of the surrounding communities in grades 10 and 11.

This initiative is developed through tours of Providencia Ecological Park, where students learn about the importance of caring for nature, the environment, natural resources and the fauna and flora of the region. More than 400 students in El Cerrito have participated in this program.

Impact figures

  • 5.000

    students benefited

  • 2

    libraries remodeled and equipped

Sustainable Development Goals

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