In the town of Toche, in Palmira, Valle del Cauca, we protect 514 hectares of majestic nature that are part of the Amaime River Protected Forest Reserve, where we work hand in hand with experts to conserve 30 water sources, 278 species of birds belonging to 99 genera (representing 28% of the birds of Valle del Cauca), 36 taxonomic families and more than 450 species of flora. Committed to protecting this sanctuary of life, we facilitate the natural regeneration of the forests by implementing mobile greenhouses where emblematic species such as the Wax Palm, as well as other endemic tree species in danger of extinction such as the Black Cedar, Pink Cedar, Laurel, Cumin and Molinillo Palm, germinate.

On the other hand, fauna monitoring programs are being carried out, where research efforts are concentrated on the Pava Caucana (Penelope perspicax – EN) with the support of the Calidris Association. Our natural reserve Providencia has a conservation vocation but our purpose is to share it with everyone under the vision of ecotourism.

Interest figures

  • 514

    protected hectares

  • 30

    water sources

  • 278

    bird species

  • 450

    flora species

At the other end of our Providencia Ecological Park, in the Piedechinche farm, located in the municipality of El Cerrito, Valle del Cauca, you will find the Providencia Sugar Cane Museum, in this area of the Park you can enjoy a natural tour that illustrates the traditional ranches and mills of the different rural areas of Colombia where the sugar cane agroindustry had a presence, through a collection of objects, buildings and beautiful gardens that make this exciting route a fascinating experience. Its special beauty captivates naturalists, amateur birdwatchers, amateur and professional photographers, who manage to capture the exuberance of our orchids and the diversity of birds that live here. Providencia Ecological Park, a universe full of life to contemplate, over and over again, where we protect nature with sweetness, the sustainable sweetness of Providencia.

Sustainable Development Goals

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