Did you know?

Human health and environmental well-being are interconnected through nutrition.

Agriculture is
responsible for


of greenhouse gas emissions



of the available land surface



of the available freshwater

Increasing the demand and production of agricultural and livestock products is a threat to



The planet


Global food availability


Reducetarianism as a solution

Reducetarianism celebrates slight changes in people’s behavior, which collectively make a big difference worldwide. Unlike other approaches like intermittent fasting or veganism, it is not about abstaining from consuming certain things or solely focusing on consuming a few specific items.

What it is

  • Consume fewer animal-derived foods
  • Choose foods with ingredients produced sustainably, under high standards of animal welfare, social, and environmental conditions
  • Choose products where the added value is related to their production methods

The problem is NOT sugar, but rather an excess

  • Cane sugar is the most discredited ancestral natural food by those promoting fear-based lifestyle habits
  • Providencia Organic is cultivated in plantations that have contributed to the well-being of wildlife, proper management of water sources, and rational use of agrochemicals that protect biodiversity for decades
  • The organic character refers to ecological agricultural practices, not necessarily to “healthier” nutritional or nutrient composition characteristics


The health and well-being of each person are the result of the same combination of cognitive, emotional, social, and environmental factors that determine their purchasing decisions.
Small changes in consumption habits which do not generate frustration but require time to show their true impact, begin by critically analyzing the way our food is produced.

It is not about “all or nothing” but rather learning to establish the portion size and frequency for consuming organic sugar.
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