Our social impact is based on quality education. Thanks to our programs, around 4,000 people a year benefit from basic and secondary education, technological and job training, early childhood (Providencia Comprehensive Training Center), sports promotion, among others.

From environmental management we work in the protection and preservation of water, biodiversity and threatened fragile ecosystems through the Providencia Ecological Park. In addition, derived from our agricultural practice, we have the Bonsucro international certification that certifies compliance with high standards in the sustainable manufacture of sugar and alcohol.

In the economic area, from this aspect we materialized our efforts in the production of sugar, as well as bioethanol, renewable electric energy and organic compost, among others, generating 3,640 direct quality jobs. We are proud to mention that we are pioneers in the development, production and commercialization of organic sugar, a product in balance with nature with more than 20 years in the national and international market.

From our origin, Providencia’s vision has been driven by a social, environmental and sustainable purpose that goes beyond generating income and being one of the best mills in the world, to become a company that is good for the world. This vision translates into our strong commitment and respect for the environment, an innovative culture and constant work with communities, customers, authorities and suppliers, always generously sharing the meaning of sustainable sweetness and surpassing any required standard.

Thanks to this constant work, we have just received the certification that accredits us as a member of a group of companies that use the strength of the market to provide concrete solutions to social and environmental problems, thus generating a positive impact on the environment and society; this is the B Company certification.