The importance of sugar in the bakery

The several types of sugarused in baking In baking, several types of sugar are used to achieve various results in terms of flavour, texture, and appearance of baked goods. The three most common types of sugar are: Granulated Sugar: Also known as white sugar, it is the most used type in baking. Its fine crystals… Read more »

Ethanol as fuel: a sustainable solution

What is ethanol? Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is a chemical substance produced through the fermentation of plant materials rich in sugars or starch. Its molecular composition makes it an excellent fuel, capable of releasing energy through controlled combustion in internal combustion engines. Why choose ethanol? One of the main reasons to choose ethanol… Read more »

Production ofEthyl Alcohol: From Raw Materialto Final Product

The sources for alcohol production Ethyl alcohol can be obtained from various raw materials. The most common one is sugarcane, closely followed by corn, beets, and other sugar-rich plants. These sources contain fermentable sugars that are transformed into alcohol during the production process. Depending on the region and local conditions, the choice of raw material… Read more »

The infinite possibilities of sugar and all its varieties: white, brown,sugarcane, and more.

White sugar White sugar, also known as granulated sugar, is the most common type and widely used in cooking. It is obtained through a refining process that removes impurities and leaves behind white, fine sugar crystals. It is ideal for sweetening beverages and baked goods. Granulated sugar Granulated sugar, or table sugar, is a type… Read more »

Sugar: From Sugarcaneto the Table

The first step in sugar production is the planting and harvesting of sugarcane. Sugarcane is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, and approximately 110 countries produce sugar from either sugarcane or sugar beets, while eight countries produce both cane and beet sugar. Sugarcane accounts for nearly 80% of the world’s sugar production. 110 countries produce… Read more »


Did you know? Human health and environmental well-being are interconnected through nutrition. Agriculture isresponsible for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions occupies 40% of the available land surface Uses 70% of the available freshwater Increasing the demand and production of agricultural and livestock products is a threat to . Health The planet Animals Global food availability… Read more »


What reducetarianism is and its relationship with organic sugar? Reducetarianism is a movement that aims to improve human health, protect the environment, and prevent animal cruelty by reducing the consumption of animal-based products. On the other hand, justice involves distributing benefits and responsibilities equitably. When applied to sugar production worldwide, these principles can lead to… Read more »

Providencia Ecological Park

We share this legacy through Providencia Parque Ecológico, a refuge of life that is part of the forest reserve of the Amaime River…

Providencia Comprehensive Training Center

In 1961, with the purpose of solving one of the most important needs of its workers, the education of their children, Providencia…


Providencia Centro de Formación Integral operates ProTejer, a social initiative from which most of the funds are raised and…